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The hate against Bi

I know this post should not be on this blog because it’s not an opinion… It’s a fact!

There’s all this talk about how you should never date a bisexual because they’re more likely to cheat. I am saying this once and for all! Your morals are you morals and they don’t matter your sexuality.

I do get it if you’re religious or something and you think it’s not right but honestly pull your head in. Love is love and shouldn’t matter. Gender is just a word and it doesn’t matter.

I’m straight and I know that! You don’t have to be LGBTQ+ to understand

If you ever need someone to talk to I’m always here.

Love you~ delicate delacour



Thank you I hope this gets past around as I am a bi girl and have been worrying about it

27th Feb, 19

You have my support =)

28th Feb, 19

Tbh I've never heard, or read that. It's a very prominent stereotype that is up to the community to dissolve. Also just a note: Not every religious person is homophobic, and nor is every athiest accepting of the LGBQTI+. Though I do concede religion may play a part, it ultimately comes down to how the person feels. I'm personally religious myself.

28th Feb, 19