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wonder ~ r.j palacio

first off can i just say… i am in wonderment.

i first read wonder by r.j palacio because i was at school and this girl was picking on a boy, his friend looked her dead in the eye and said “julian stop picking on auggie!!” i was so confused. the girl responded with, “ummm, what!?” the boy said, “just read the book ‘wonder’.” i was intrigued by the word book. later that day i took a trip to the library.

i do not regret it at all. i couldn’t put it down. this is an issue that i think should be talked about more often. raquel’s delivery of this made it suitable for all ages and a nice easy read.

if you have not read this book the story line is basically about a boy called august who has some facial deformities. he starts at school and life is not easy for him there.

the book explores some of the other characters perspective which is something that i love because there are soooo many sides to a story.

if you are also a movie lover i have heard that there is a movie for it too!

tune in because my next blog will be better and about harry potter and the cursed child

love your delicate delacour xx